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Charisma University's

Student Affairs

Empowering Student Success, Well-being, and Community Engagement – Discover the Heart of Student Life at Charisma University.

Our Mission

The Student Affairs office at Charisma University seeks to develop scholars and practitioners in their various disciplines to promote change, development, and progress in society.

Our team aims to create and maintain a productive learning environment for all students. We believe that learning is lifelong, and student success can only be achieved through personal growth and transformation.

Who we are

The Student Affairs office strives to cultivate a positive, efficient, and equitable learning environment for every student at Charisma University. Collaborating with various academic and administrative units, Student Affairs actively shapes student-centered policies and practices.
Our office is dedicated to impartially investigating and managing appeals, complaints, and grievances, ensuring that student concerns are addressed fairly. Additionally, Student Affairs provides robust support for Charisma University student groups and honor societies.

Our team

At Charisma University, our Student Affairs Team is committed to fostering a supportive environment that enhances your academic journey. Our goals include promoting student well-being, facilitating engagement, and ensuring a seamless university experience. Join us in creating a vibrant community where every student thrives academically, personally, and professionally.

Students Services

Discover comprehensive student services designed to enhance your academic journey. From seamless course registrations and expert career services to personalized academic advising, a dedicated writing center, extensive library resources, and reliable technical support – we’ve got you covered.

Course Registration

Smooth sailing through your courses – register with ease for a stress-free journey.

Career Services

Embark on your career adventure with personalized guidance from our career experts.

Academic Advising

Your academic journey, your way – get personalized support to navigate with confidence.

Writing Center

Craft your success story and enhance your writing skills with a little help from our friendly writing center.

Library Services

Dive into a sea of knowledge – our library resources are your gateway to discovery.

Technical Support Services

Tech hiccups? We’ve got your back – ensuring your learning experience is smooth.

Disability services

At Charisma University, our disability services:

  • Treat with all medical records submitted by students in a confidential manner.
  • Examine how disability and/or health issues impact you at Charisma University.
  • Determine appropriate accommodations based on your explanation and the official medical records provided to us
  • Communicate with faculty and other departments your behalf in a confidential manner.
  • Collaborate with all departments to ensure students can access course/program information.
  • Advice members of Charisma University on assistive technology and other resources that supports the needs of students with disabilities.

Meet the Executive Vice President

Meet the Executive Vice President

On Behalf of our President, Dr. William Martin Sloane, our entire administrative staff and our entire faculty we extend our warm welcome to you as you begin your academic quest to fulfill your desires and dreams of obtaining your Bachelors, Graduate or Doctoral Degrees from our University.
All of us at Charisma University wish you much success in your academic and professional achievements. The University is committed to making your educational goals, dreams and aspirations a reality and we look forward to assisting all students in completing their Educational and Professional programs of study.

If at any time during your course of studies at Charisma University you have any concerns regarding your Academic or Educational program, or have concerns or issues that could possibly affect your ability to complete your Educational studies, the staff in the Department of Student Affairs and Counseling Services will be there to help you in any way possible so that you will have a positive and rewarding Academic and Educational experience at Charisma University.

As the Executive Vice President for Student Affairs, I encourage all students to contact myself with any academic concerns you might have so that we can work together to assist you in resolving all issues, problems or concerns that could impede the completion of your academic program and hinder your opportunity to reach your desired Academic and Professional Goals.

Prof. Dr. Dana-Marie Ramjit, PhD.

Executive VP, Student Affairs and Counseling Services

Official Student Affairs Contact.

(649) 941-7337
(406) 831-9384

Contact Student Affairs
For appeals, complaints, grievances, or any student inquiries regarding dissatisfaction with academic or non-academic decisions, service-related concerns, or policy violations, please contact us via:

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