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Administrative Contacts

Connecting you with the heartbeat of Charisma University. Discover our administrative contacts, ready to assist and guide you on your academic journey.

Prof. Dr. PeterChris Okpala


Prof. Dr. Sandra Okpala


Sloane William Martin


Ramjit Dana-Marie

Executive VP of Student Affairs

Hancock Brock

Chief Academic Officer & Provost

Cade Jason

Chief Financial Officer

Deen Ibrahim, Ph.D.

Senior Vice President for Enrollment & Marketing

Zemeer Nayar Padikkal, Ph.D.

Senior Vice President for Diversity & Inclusion

Dr. Charles Anosike

Senior Vice President for International Cooperation

Chukwuka Chinyere

Dean, School of Law

Bridges La-Sondrick

Dean, School of Business

Ayim Martin

Dean, School of Health Sciences

Yahia Frances

Dean, School of Psychology and Behavioral Sciences

Tseng Jufang

Dean, School of Philosophy and Religion

Wade Anne

Dean, School of Education

Abbott Anita

CARI Executive Committee Chair

Ashley Hussain, MHA, DBAc

Director of Student Support Center

Robyn Doppke, M.L.I.S


Cristina Jean


Abinaya Rajendran, MBA

Director of Assessments

Dr. Stacy Nwodo

Director of Alumni Affairs

Dr. Kaye-Ann Irving

Director of Government Relations and Compliance

Frandeline Baptiste

Admissions and Records Specialist

Gregory Fant, Ph.D.

IRB Chair

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