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Refund Policy

At Charisma University, we value our students and aim to provide transparent policies. Our refund policy ensures fairness and clarity in the event of withdrawal. Please review the details below regarding the official withdrawal process and associated refunds.

Tuition Refund Policy

The official withdrawal date from the university is considered the last day of recorded attendance. To initiate withdrawal, students must notify the registrar in writing before or on the date of complete withdrawal.

Upon withdrawal, the University retains a registration fee, which is established at 20% of the tuition, not exceeding $200, for students who cancel their enrollment agreement after seven business days (excluding Saturday and Sunday).

Refunds are applicable exclusively to tuition and are processed as follows: [Include specific details about the refund percentages or amounts based on the timeline of withdrawal.]

During first week

During second week

During third week

During fourth week

During fifth week

After fifth week

100% Refund is issued
80% Refund is issued
60% Refund is issued
50% Refund is issued
20% Refund is issued
0% Refund is issued

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